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Previous reviewers in fokus:interaktion

For reasons of transparency and appreciation, the names of the volunteer reviewers are listed here from 15 reviewers onwards.
Peer Review Process
Contributions to fokus:interaktion undergo a double blind peer review (see info box). Each article is reviewed by two reviewers. To ensure high scientific quality, at least one reviewer is a postdoc. Each author acts as a reviewer for at least one other contribution. Reviews have a length of about 300 to 500 words. Reviews are fair, thoughtful, and constructive.
Structure of reviews
1. Summary of the most important results of the paper 2. Assessment of the extent to which the contribution takes into account relevant literature (including suggestions, if necessary) 3. Presentation of the strengths of the contribution 4. Presentation of the weaknesses of the contribution 5. Constructive suggestions for improvement 6. Final assessment: accept as is (perhaps minimal language revision required) accept with minor revisions (minimal revision of content required) accept with major revisions (extensive revisons of content required) reject - The contribution may be resubmitted after thorough revision.

What is Double Blind Peer Review?

Scientific papers must meet high academic standards. To this end, every contribution to this journal is peer-reviewed by other researchers. The peer review process is anonymous (blind). This means that reviewers do not know who wrote the paper and submitters do not know their reviewers (double blind). This enables independent and fair reviews.

Benefits of doing being reviewer

At first glance, reviews seem like just another chore. However, experience shows that researchers who prepare reviews for other researchers write better articles and thus increase their own chances of being accepted by journals. This is because a review requires and enables a change of perspective: How do external reviewers see my contributions? How can I make my articles more reader-friendly? What do I expect from a scientific contribution? But also: Which comments are helpful? Which reviews have annoyed me and how can I avoid them?
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